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Relationships work best among couples of compatible attractiveness

A variety of research suggests that couples who do not match with each other in their approximate levels of physical appeal tend to have less successful dreamy relations.

A comprehensive research study by Madeleine A. Fugère, Ph.D a professor of social psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University suggests that couples who match one another in physical attractiveness have more durable relationship.

Two moderately attractive, highly attractive, or unattractive individuals—are more likely to stay together over the long term than couples who are less similar in attractiveness (Feingold, 1988).

According to (Montoya, 2008) people generally find particular good-looking individuals to be attractive and intuit that we will have a more successful relationship if our partner matches our own level of physical attractiveness.

Therefore, we are more likely to initiate and try to maintain a relationship with a potential partner who matches our own level of physical attractiveness (Ha et al., 2010; Shaw Taylor et al., 2011).

Madeleine A. Fugère, wrote in her article that:

We did not investigate why women initiate such relationships, but there are several reasons why women might choose to date partners who are not as attractive as themselves.

We of course often date other people for reasons besides physical attraction; perhaps these women dated their partners because they found them to be intelligent, wealthy, or witty.

It is possible that these women didn’t focus on a mismatch in physical attractiveness until they were already deeply involved in the relationship.

It is possible that these women considered any relationship to be better than no relationship.

Although most research shows that we tend to date others who we perceive as similar to us in physical attractiveness, recent research by Hunt et al. (2015) shows an exception to this tendency:

However, if couples begin dating soon after meeting, they are more likely to match one another in attractiveness, but if couples have known one another for a long time before they begin dating, they are less likely to match one another in physical attractiveness. If you have a long friendship before you begin dating, then, physical attractiveness may be less important to relationship initiation or maintenance. But such cases are exception rather than the rule.