Rehman Malik invites offers Trump for Public Debate

Islamabad, November 20 (Online): Senior leader of the Pakistan People's Party Senator Abdul Rehman Malik has said that the statement of US President Trump on Pakistan is condemnable
In a statement, Rehman Malik said the tweet of US President was heart afflicting for whole Pakistani National. 
“I invite President Trump for a debate on the issue, and I will prove that who created Taliban, AlQaida and ISIS, and Usama Bin Laden was whose man, Washington has not given any aid to Islamabad, Pakistan affected largely in War against terrorism” Malik added.
Rehman Malik stated that President Obama was convinced of the sacrifices of Pakistan in war against terrorism.
US should thankful to Pakistan, because Pakistan is ally of US since Soviet Union War to 9/11.
US has never given any aid to Pakistan, the amount given was the service charges.