Reham’s Book Published Online

Noxious galore is out but to no effect

Reham Khan’s book, that had been within the thick of diverse controversies ever since it started taking form, has been published online just days prior to the upcoming General Elections 2018, to be held on 25 July, and its e-version is currently available for readers on

The book has been written as a ploy to smear Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Chief, Imran Khan, who is the single most important political force of Pakistan in today’s times. He is the one who took a firm stance against the corrupt mafia in the politics of Pakistan. The latent intent behind this ruse was to damage the campaign of PTI for the approaching general elections (GE-2018) of 25 July.

Reham Khan’s book is nothing but a damnatory indictment of Imran Khan’s character with no substance and solid critique. The sole purpose with which the book is written is for political reasons to allegedly serve the interests of Sharifs and PML-N.

According to the sources, she was allegedly funneled for this mudslinging by the certain pockets of PML-N who predicted the arrival of this book in 2015, right after her divorce with Khan. Lately, she was seen in London with the self-proclaimed scholar, Hussain Haqqani; whose sole claim to intellectual scholarship is the anti-Pakistan narrative and memo-gate scandal. Throughout the book and during her interviews as well, she is found to be extremely sympathetic and full of reverence for the corrupt and indicted PML-N leadership, which further confirms the doubts of the sinister nexus between Haqqani, PML-N, and Reham Khan.

Neither she holds any respect for Pakistan nor for Islam. Lately, she published a picture of her online with a fake beard to mock those Muslim women who cover their faces and wear headscarves:
Reham Khan mocking the Islamic values and Muslim females
According to the author, Reham Khan,”this story of her book touches on sensitive problems, each political and social, and also the way she had been allegedly bullied and was subject to sustained harassment.”
But the distasteful details about PTI and Imran Khan are solely written to malign the image of PTI and its leadership. Since her divorce in 2015, she had been playing the victim card to pulverize the image of Imran Khan. Rest assured, Imran Khan is too tall to be brought down by the cheap shenanigans of his opponents.
It was Dr. Salman Ahmad and Hamza Ali Abbasi who took a stance to confront and disclose the dirty swapping of PML-N, Reham Khan, and Haqqani at a point when General Election 2018 is just around the corner in Pakistan. 
It seems to be too coincidental and dicey to be true that all these individuals; Reham Khan, Hussain Haqqani, PML-N cronies, are falling in with each other at a time when they “thought” it to be the best moment to strike on the Achilles heel.


According to a mainstream journalist, Reham Khan-the weather girl of BBC was a gold-digger who took every chance to be at the top within a short span of time upon her return from the UK. She had many “godfathers” throughout her journey to climb-up the ladders of success. It’s not Imran Khan alone, she is equally ruinous to her first husband and father of her three kids, Dr. Ijaz Rehman, who later revealed in an interview that Reham had always been full of greed and hailed from humble circumstance.