Reham Khan: Piety Myth Debunked in Optics

The risqué shenanigans of ex-BBC weather-girl, Reham Khan, are many and in bounty. Enjoy the following galleria of the dignified dupatta girl who is good at living the double life. From her derby dance thigh-slit dress in UK to headscarf escapades in Pakistan to espouse the vintage narrative of a “good girl”, her standards have been dual and low.  Ms. Khan who is known for making headlines by virtue of being an ex of Imran Khan, PTI Chief, have many other talents up her sleeve to entertain us. She can effortlessly stay in news with her steamy splashes:

Enjoy her complete dance and interview here:

In this age of globalization, it may not be an ad rem what you wear but all the way more legit if you try to sell your coverings for political motives.