Reham Khan opens fire on PTI’s Murad Saeed

Reham Khan, former wife of Imran Khan, has opened her guns towards PTI leader Murad Saeed and give an open warning to him.

She communicated through her Twitter account, saying Murad Saeed should not put his political career at risk by defaming her.

Replying to his statements against her, she tweeted that Murad Saeed should know that she can answer all his questions and others with evidence and the truth will hurt him.

She went on to lambasting him and gone straight in warning Murad Saeed.

Earlier, in response to Reham Khan’s yesterday press conference, PTI leader Murad Saeed posted his video message, asking questions to Reham.

He said parties have been arranged for Reham at the residence of a political personality. Reham should tell whom she met in Serene Hotel. Reham Khan should tell the nation by taking oath on the Holy Quran that she has no contacts with the PML-N leadership.

Video courtesy: Dawn News

Reham should tell whose car she drove while on a visit to Swat? Whose personal assistant (P.A) accompany her during her visit to Swat? Now again you will say that you have no contact with Amir Muqam and the PML-N leadership and you have no political ambitions.

Murad said following the Panama Case verdict and disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, a planned campaign of character assassination of my leader Imran Khan has been started. But the character assassinators will not get their motives fulfilled.

Moreover, Reham Khan has admitted her meeting and contacts with PML-N leader Noor Awan. In the pictures, she is clearly seen having a light conversation and enjoying the meal with Awan.

Courtesy: Samaa News

It is to be noted that Noor Awan is the person who attacked Sheikh Rashid and put an allegation on him of swallowing his Rs. 2.2 million by Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.