Reham Khan & Kim Barker – A Contrast of Character & Story.

Kim Barker had a credible & an impressive international journalistic career before writing “ Taliban Shuffle”. In her book, she wrote her experiences on Pakistan & Afghanistan.

In her book “The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan“, Barker recounts how Nawaz Sharif gave her an Apple iPhone as a gift and asked her to be his “special friend”. When she declined Nawaz Sharif’s sexual advance, Foreign Policy Magazine reports that he offered to set her up with President Asif Ali Zardari.

The report adds Sharif’s name to the “illustrious” list of senior Pakistani political leaders who have made news for their dalliances with women. A 2007 Youtube video showing PM Yusuf Raza Gilani groping Sherry Rehman attracted a lot of attention. Then, President Asif Ali Zardari was shown gushing about US Vice Presidential candi…, and asking to “hug” her during a meeting in New York.

Now coming to Reham Khan, with a short stunt of weather girl at BBC, she has neither any journalistic education or experience. Yes she was good enough to attract men in general & Pakistani in particular, if we go by the following observation of Kim Barker

“In an interview with KERA radio, Barker said she followed her bosses advice to try and blend with the local population. However, being a young white female journalist with blue eyes who stands at 5 ft 10 in tall, she says she received unusual attention from the men she met to do her job in Afghanistan and Pakistan”.

Reham Khan was tall, smart and attractive with western attire & British accent, she immediately got attention in Pakistani media and did some sub standard talk shows which can best be attributed to good looks with no content.

Her epitome of fame was getting married with Imran Khan. She tried to encash it but she misjudged Imran Khan, she got divorced, What she could not encash while being married to Imran Khan, now she is trying to encash her with the status of being Ex wife of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is the best selling brand in the history of Pakistan. You can be famous both ways, either by befriending him or attacking him.

Reham Khan now writes a filthy book by leaking excerpts of her book before launch to create hype giving impression of bedroom stories of a wife, a pathetic approach of a woman with no character. She can not be even compared with Monika Lewinsky, since Monika was not married to Clinton.

Imran Khan was and is most glamorous personality yesterday & today. Women deeply infused with his charisma,of course, were his biggest fans most of them would do everything, just to be with Imran Khan. Such scenario became a challenge & threat after he entered politics.

How good he is, as a husband, ask Jemima Khan who dedicated her life for him. She stood like a rock even after divorce.

Is it the difference between a British Ex wife and Pakistani Ex wife?

A book “Taliban Shuffle” was not sponsored and promoted by PTI. Reham Khan book is 100% invested, sponsored & promoted by PMLN. This is also the difference between Imran Khan & Nawaz Sharif.

Nawaz Sharif is doing what he is best at, exploiting personal life of political opponents. His role of a pimp for Zardari was discovery of Kim Barker.

Reham Khan is doing what she is best at, selling herself.

Imran Khan would do what he is best at, continue his struggle for Pakistan with determination & honour.

For Imran Khan, Reham Khan should be a dust on his shoe, he will keep his head high and not bothered by a dust on his shoe. He will clean his shoe when reaches his destination.

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