Reham Khan Caught With an Indian Media Official Sanjay

Embarrassed by a Pakistani lady in Kingston

Reham Khan, along with her son Sahir Rehman, got mortified in public by a British Pakistani woman who grilled her over her book and on her comments for Bushra Manek’s (Imran Khan’s wife and soon-to-be the first lady of Pakistan) headscarf (hijab). She was caught by the lady in Kingston by River Thames when she was involved in giving a discrete interview to an Indian media official, Sanjay, in her usual spree to defame Pakistan and Imran Khan. Her vengeful attitude towards Pakistan and Imran Khan makes headlines in Indian media houses, and this seems to be the only latent motive.

Reham, since her divorce to this date, has been actively involved with anti-Pakistan forces to defame not only Imran Khan, her ex-husband and PTI Chairman, but was also aggressively giving interviews to Indian channels to portray a very bad picture of Pakistan.

Lately, she released her highly controversial book on Amazon in digital format carrying explicit details of her private life with her previous two husbands; Ijaz Rehman and Imran Khan (PTI Chairman), with a specific focus on sexual rendezvous with each one of them. She was also blamed by many to be funded by PML-N leadership for writing and releasing this book right before the General Elections 2018.

The timing for her book to hit shelves days before the GE-2018 further augmented the doubts of PTI that the book was written with a specific intent to defame Khan and discourage his supporters. But against all odds, deceits, and lies, Imran Khan turned out to be a winner in GE-2018 to the disappointment of many anti-Pakistan forces, and Reham Khan being one of them.

In the following video, her British son, Sahir Rehman, becomes very rude to the lady who is in an argument with Reham Khan. However, the mother-son duo runs away after 6 minutes in the argument because they fail to answer the lady. The lady particularly refers to Reham’s double standards in terms of her dressing. She rightly points out to the fact that whenever she is in front of the camera, she is wearing Dupata (headscarf), however, in her personal life, she is somebody who is thoroughly westernized.

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