Recommendations Delivered by ICC Committee

By Atiya Riffat

The ICC Cricket Committee finished up its two-day meeting in Mumbai on Tuesday with intense support for the ICC Board’s commitment to refine player conduct and the improvement of a culture of regard.

On the very first day of meeting, the Committee was joined by previous England captain and ex-MCC President, Mike Gatting, and David Boon, previous Australia batsman and now a member of Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees.

The Committee has additionally made proposals around the toss in Test cricket and ICC World Test Championship playing conditions.

The committee has made a series of suggestions to be discussed with the chief executives’ committee in June before conclusive approval by the ICC board, including: Raising the assents related with ball tampering, Making another offense for hostile, individual, annoying, hostile or organized mishandle. The thought of the introduction of another offense of endeavoring to pick up an inequitable advantage. Making a Code of Respect. Match referee to have the command to downsize or upgrade a level of offense or endorse

Nonetheless, in recognizing that the preparation of Test pitches that could give a hazard to the competitiveness of the ICC World Test Championship, the Committee asked Members to keep on focusing on the conveyance of pitches that give a superior harmony amongst bat and ball in line.

As a major aspect of this, it was recommended that there was a draw-win proportion of 0.33:1, so a draw gives each team 33% of the accessible points.

It was likewise consented to propose a hold day for the ICC World Test Championship final to empower whenever lost through bad climate to be made up.