Reasons why Biryani and Pakistanis share a unique bond

Biryani is a magical word that can easily turn a Pakistani’s frown into a sunny smile. It stands prominent in our wide variety cuisine.

Pakistanis are obsessed with a certain amount of things and biryani is definitely one of them. Whether it is a regular lunch or midnight munching, birthday treat or a wedding, we consider it as our topmost priority.

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It is the most beautiful dish, straight out of heaven and nothing can ever beat it in food court. Coming in numerous variations, it never fails to please people no matter how different it is from its traditional method of making and presentation.

Here are a few ways about how biryani plays a significant role in a Pakistani’s life:

  • Entering home after a tiring day at work/ school:

The appealing aroma of biryani is bound to energize your soul and play with your taste-buds as soons as you enter your house after a hectic day at work. The first question that the majority asks right at the entrance is:

Aj khany me kya hy?

‘BIRYANI’ is a reply that makes everyone respond with thumbs up and 10/10. Nothing can ever be better than that.

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  • Attending Pakistani weddings has a hidden reason:

So, there are times when  your parents convince you to attend a wedding of their relatives and somehow you are not really interested. Suddenly, something pops up in your mind and you’re ready to go. Yes, it’s biryani. Shadi and biryani are two best friends that can’t ever fall apart especially in Pakistan.

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  • It is much more economical than our oh-so-classy junk food:

Student life has its own problems and one of them is empty pockets. You strive to find the best food in town in the most economical ways possible. Biryani comes to the rescue with a good student deal at many restaurants all over Pakistan which I bet can win over junk food outlets. When you hear the price and compare it with a burger deal with your favourite Mcdonald’s, Hardees etc. your expressions are like:

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  • Biryani goes with the tagline: anywhere at any time!

You can simply never say no to it. It is something that fits well at any day, place and time. Whether it is a Sunday afternoon or a well-lit occasion, an Eid celebration or (God forbid) a funeral, it is a must.

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  • Biryani can mend friendships:

Have you ever gone through a heated argument with your friend and ended up messing it badly? This is the situation when you know that “I’m Sorry” won’t really work out. Biryani can surely stop your ship from sinking at that moment. Try it and see how the magic works!

And this is your reaction when you find a person who doesn’t like biryani:

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‘Biryani-holics’ can surely relate to this!