RAWALPINDI: MC RWP evolves scheme to repair faulty street lights, traffic signals under WBDLS of Rs 104 million

RAWALPINDI, February 08 (Online): Municipal Corporation (MC) Rawalpindi has worked out a scheme of Rs 104 millions under World Bank Development Loan Scheme (WBDLS) for repairing and replacing faulty traffic signals and street lights on the roads in Rawalpindi.

Under this scheme affected roads of Rawalpindi city, vehicles and machinery of corporation will be got repaired and nullahs under drainage system will be constructed.

The said scheme has been given final shape and will be sent to world bank with the approval of mayor.

The construction and upgradation of municipal library building, slaughter house, general bus stand building Pirwadhai is underway at the cost of Rs 270 million under World Bank Development Loan scheme.