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Ransomware Attack Hitting the Whole World


ATM will be closed soon due to ransomware cyber attack. This Virus hits the whole world except Africa.


A type of malware that can stop you from using your PC, rename, or encrypt your files so you can’t use them. you may be warned that you need to pay money, Bit-Coins, complete surveys or perform other actions before you can use your PC again.

In short, your systems will not remain yours.

Due to this virus, the IT department of companies around the world is being hacked.

Earlier, this virus was found in Hospital systems and their systems are frozen by the hackers. As a result, they are not able to use their own systems.

Moreover, India has blocked all ATM services in their country.

  • Avoid using ATM services.
  • Don’t open any shopping cart.
  • Beware of using credit cards on online stores as well.
  • Don’t do any online transaction anywhere.
  • Avoid uploading any personal data to any companies webs or email.

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