Railways increases allowance of employees by 11 percent

RAWALPINDI: DS Railways has amplified the payment of all the mechanical staff of railway counting loco shed  from January 01, 2016.

Announcement on payment package has also been supplied. According to this raft  Payment for loco shed staff has been improved by 15 percent and all other technical staff by 11 percent. The payment will be worked out on the basis of  basic pay.

Operative payment which was decided to station master group has been amplified per day. Payment amounting to Rs 4000 will be decided to employees from grade 1 to 5, Rs 5000 to employees grade 6 to 10 and Rs 10000 to basic endorsed employees of BPS-11. The payment will be approved yearly.

Railway employees have greeted the statement on upsurge in their payment.

The Railway of Pakistan has been experiencing development lately as Federal Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique also stated earlier that zero tolerance policy is being taken in respect of trains and passengers travelling through rail service.

Earlier, while addressing a meeting in Lahore of the Railway Police officers. He made it clear that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has never interfered in affairs of Railway.

The Minister also specified that Railway Police officers and workers are only responsible to the government and they must release their everyday jobs with uprightness.

He advised Police officers to take severe action in contradiction of trafficking through Railway and defend environment in trains for passengers.

The Minister stated that Railway possessions and apparatus should be protected and invaded land be recovered from illegal occupants.