Railways has made significant increase in earning as compared to past

Lahore, December 08 (Online): Pakistan Railways has made a significance increased in its earning during the current years, Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said on Saturday.
He further said that the Pakistan Railways income was about Rs260 million during the month of December last year which has now increased up to over Rs450 million.
The railways minister said the railways earning in only ticketing department remained Rs110 million which is record earnings in the history of railways. He was sharing details at a news conference at Railways Headquarters Lahore on Saturday.
He said despite putting up and down trains on tracks, the railway has saved 650,000 liters of fuel which is a great saving. He further said all seats for December 21 and 22 have been booked whereas until December 31 90 Per cent advance booking has been done.
Today we don’t have capacity to accommodate more passengers which is proof of grown trust of people on Pakistan Railways. He, however, optimistic that the railway would be able to meeting passengers needs.
The railways minister said Rehman Baba train will start its journey for Karachi from Peshawar on December 23 and from Karachi to Peshawar. The train will cover the distance in 26 hours from Karachi to Peshawar.
He further said that beside two more cargo trains will also be put on the tracks this month. He said it was our promise to the people to increase trains fleet from eight to at least 15. To achieving the target, a seven-member committee has been constituted under the head of Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Aftab.
Responding a question, Sheikh Rasheed said that all big Railway stations should have pharmacies. He said in this regard, directions have been given. Rasheed said wherever space would be available small stalls of food and beverages will also be set up.
Regarding court, the railways ministry said their case is in the Supreme Court. He further said they will accept the court ruling whatever it would be. Rasheed further said they are ready to give railways land on lease for patrol pumps.
Regarding theft of cargo, he said the ministry is going to computerize the system to prevent theft. CCTV cameras will also be installed in this regard.
Regarding foggy season, he said Pakistan Railways can run special trains between Rawalpindi and Lahore under the direction of the prime ministry.