Queen of Pop Music, Nazia Hassan, Rests in the Hearts of People

Nazia reigns supreme!

Her fashion sense was unique and attractive, and so was her mesmerizing voice. She used to dress according to the event or the song she was singing. She used to sing with her brother Zohaib Hassan and those albums were the hottest selling albums of that time including songs like Boom boom, Aap jesa koi from Indian film Qurbani as her debut in Bollywood. Disco Dewaane was a major hit of her career and it got famous in 14 countries at that time. Her last album was Camera Camera and it was a campaign against drugs.

Nazia Hassan got success at such a young age. She got Filmfare award at the age of 15 as a first Pakistani. She also got her Pakistan’s civilian award: Pride of Performance. Hassan was part of many TV shows such as Sung Sung with Sohail Rana and also a pop music stage show produced by Shoaib Mansoor.

She and her brother Zohaib spent their childhood in Karachi where they were born. Later Nazia went to London for higher education. She did Bachelors in business Administration and Economics from Richmond American University in London. She also held an LLB degree from London University. Her father was a businessman and she had two siblings i.e. Zohaib Hassan and Zara Hassan. Zohaib was the one who accompanied her in singing.

Her beauty was another element of her perfection. Her beauty is still incomparable. Makeup was minimal but her style was enough to capture the attention of the audience. The time in which she was at the peak of her career was the time when Zia-Ul-Haq was in power. Due to strict Islamic laws and rules, she went through criticism as well. Her way was full of troubles.

She was criticised on her fashion as being immodest and inappropriate. Despite having such point of views, she didn’t set back. She worked as a child artist in PTV. She also worked with Biddu Appiah, an Indian music composer, and producer. He told her to do a song with her named as Made in India but she refused as she knew that it will offend Pakistan. She also hosted a show called Dhanak from PTV in 1989. She also got fame in India and she got Filmfare award as well.

Her married life was full of troubles as she got married to a businessman named Mirza Ishtiaq Baig. They have a son named Arez Hassan born on 7 April 1997. She married him after she was diagnosed with lung cancer and before ten days after her death, they got divorced. She died of lung cancer in London.

The singer will continue to cherish in the hearts even after years. Nazia Hassan has become a genre in the music industry. People follow her tunes and rhythms to this date. Pop singing was her genre, and her style is still being followed by new artists. Her songs are being experimented with and remixed.