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Qazi Wajid: An Actor Par-excellence Departed

By Anahita Zurvan

Last day was the day filled with sorrow, Pakistan suffered the loss of its two very important personalities; Asma Jahangir & Qazi Wajid, who contributed immensely to their respective fields.  Without exception, it was a sad day for the entire nation.

Born in Lahore in 1930, Wajid completed his early education in Lahore and then shifted to the USA for a while.

He was an actor par-excellence who regaled the nation with his dynamic performances for five decades, and took to his final journey yesterday leaving millions in utter sorrow. His presence would be missed for years to comes as he would continue to inspire us with his radio and acting skills.  Wajid, 87-year old, breathed his last in Karachi on Sunday, capitulating to a cardiac arrest. He was admitted to hospital on Saturday night, and died in the afternoon the next day.

His career spanned more than five decades with many memorable contributions to radio and TV.

Many generation grew up on his classic dramas, be it Khuda ki Basti, Tanhaaiyan, or Ankahi or the plays Khawaja Moinuudin. Remembering Qazi Wajid is equivalent to remembering PTV’s golden era of classic plays.

The control of his voice and excellence of his performance came from his extensive work and training in radio and theatre for 25 years. From body-language to his voice renditions, he excelled in whatever he delivered. Worth mentioning here that the veteran actor was among the pioneers of Pakistan’s radio industry. Following his association with the radio for 25 years, he joined PTV in 1966 to leave an indelible mark on the media.

He was the recipient of Pride of Performance Award in 1988 for his massive contributions as an artiste.

Talking to the national media, Wajid’s fellow actor said, “I just heard the news and I can barely believe it at the moment. This is a great loss for the industry as well as humanity.”

“There are so many memories associated with Qazi bhai, but the one thing I always admired about him was his dedication to the profession. When he was on set for a recording, the only thing in front of him was his script and he would not participate in any other banter during that time,” Sheikh said.