Qari Salahudin not leader of Jamaat ud Dawa: SP Abbass Majeed

PESHAWAR: On Sunday, Senior Superintendent Police Operations Abbas Majeed Marwat denied while rubbishing the circulating intelligence reports that Qari Salahuddin is a leader of the Kashmir based Jamaat ud Dawa, who was apparently targeted by an improvised Explosives Device (IED) earlier today.

Earlier in the day, Deputy Superintendent Police Khalid said that he and his driver Abdul Shakoor were injured and a passerby was also hit when an IED had detonated near the Salahuddin’s vehicle.

Bomb Squad officials said that the remote controlled bomb contained three kilograms of explosive material.

Just when everybody thought Pakistan had turned the corner by nearly overcoming the behemoth of terrorism, terror is rising, or so it seems, its ugly head again. In 20 days, there have been 60 deaths in terrorist attacks across the country.

There have been intelligence based operations, thousands of them, and scores of militants have been arrested or eliminated. Indeed, many a terrorist plan has been thwarted as a result of these overt and covert operations.

Yet, the menace is there. Tragedy after tragedy keep visiting us, reminding us of the grim reality that it isn’t over. Not yet.

The militant commander, who also goes by his alias Omar Naray, previously masterminded and executed other major attacks in and around Peshawar, including the December 2014 attack on the Army Public School and the assault on the PAF airbase in Badabher in September last year.

The attack on Imamia Mosque in Hayatabad in February 2015 that left 20 worshippers dead was also his doing.

The government confines its performance evaluation on the National Action Plan to the number of arrests made and raids conducted, not realizing that NAP is much more than that.

Nacta has been given the role of monitoring implementation of NAP by the Prime Minister. Eleven months down the road, Nacta has still to take off, indicating a lack of seriousness on the part of the government.

NAP lays great emphasis on choking the terrorists’ funds. Detecting and investigating cases of terrorist financing is much more complex than the normal criminal investigation carried out by local police and needs specially trained investigators.

Internet has emerged as an important means of not only projecting the propaganda of the militants, but also for recruitment, funds collection, imparting training etc. NAP rightly lays emphasis on dealing with the issue.

A total of 2,159 terrorists have been killed and 1,724 arrested by the law enforcement agencies under the National Action Plan (NAP).

The Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control prese­nted an achie­ve­ment re­port about NAP in the National Assembly on Friday, which stated that 332 persons had been executed so far under Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA).