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Putin calls leaked Trump dossier ‘utter nonsense’

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin, denying the US allegations that his officials possess lusty videos of Donald Trump, has labeled it as ‘utter nonsense’.

Mr Putin asked that can any one tell him for what purpose Russian officials would have spied on Trump before he entered politics.

The Russian president called such kind of people as “worse than prostitutes”.

It is pertinent to mention here that a big website published some dossier in last week, which claimed that Russian authorities have some salacious videos and images of Donald Trump they captured when billionaire real-estate icon visited Moscow and had meetings with prostitutes.

The dossier also claimed that the videos were shot when Trump was in Russia during Miss Universe pageant 2013.

On the other side, the president-elect has dismissed the dossier revelations and its claims saying them as ‘fake news.’

Moreover, the Russian president said that those documents are clearly fake and had been published by those who don’t accept the legitimacy of the elected president.

“When Trump came to Moscow, he was not a political figure, we were not even aware of his political ambitions,” Mr Putin said.

“Does somebody think that our secret services are chasing every American billionaire? Of course not. It is utter nonsense.”

Putin went on to say that why Donald Trump would meet prostitutes when he was personally organizing an event in which most beautiful women of the world were participating.

“I find it hard to imagine he ran to a hotel to meet our girls of ‘low social responsibility’… though they are of course also the best in the world. But I doubt Trump took that bait.”