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Pursue your passion by Mahnoor Zia

Written by: Mahnoor Zia

It seems to be very influential topic, very tedious and a dull subject matter to be discussed.

Like, a topic of an unrealistic approach and having no practical scope. Yeah, these seem correct assumptions or postulations.

For the reason that, in this date and age, we all are rushing or hastening towards the currency. We all are fret in order to meet the global scope. In this run, we have been absolutely forgotten about ourselves. What we actually want? What are our cravings? What do we actually desire?

These questions have been vanished at somewhere else. In another word, these questions have been misplaced by these sorts of questions; how much money should we have? How we can give the competition to the world through the global scoping field?  Which pathway I should take on in order to be a successful person?

These kinds of queries have completely demolished our inner contentment, bliss or pleasure, etc. we are not even aware of our aptitude, expertise or proficiency.

About 75-84% of our community is not self-actualized. A self-actualizer is a person who is living creatively and fully using his or her potentials. What a man can do, he must do.

Now, by scrutinizing the society we can evidently see that how many of us do actually what we really want to do.

Now, this statement can better be elucidated by this case: once an elephant said to his son, “Son, I am really disappointed in you, you are one year old and you still don’t know how to fly! Look at Mr. Eagle’s son. He is already so good at it. I am telling you this because I want you to fulfill the dreams which I could never achieve!” and then the poor deprived son said, “I am sorry dad! I will try my best!”

Now, by the above cited case we can infer that society plays a splendid role in the destruction of our contentment and do conceal our passion. There is a very striking quotation about it:

“Never pursue a career because others want you to. You’ll be the one spending half your life at that job. Pursue your passion.”

Nothing can you give a more contentment or self-satisfaction rather than your passion. If you do passionately something even there is no scope of that then believe it one day you will make a better scope of that.

Give priority to your passion and it will widen your creativity, problem solving skills and your urge to expand your knowledge. By pursuing your passion you will be an innovative. And being innovative is a biggest achievement and accomplishment ever.

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