Punjab Police with License to Kill

For the world, heroes get remembered and legends never die, a phrase from a famous 1993 movie—The Sandlot, stayed with me for long. But my investigative journalism told me otherwise. For us, criminals are forgotten, go under the wraps and corruption never dies.

In my program of 19th June 2014, an encounter specialist of Punjab, Abid Boxer, makes serious confession and claims of extrajudicial killings and manages to remain at large for 11 years.

Is it the kind of Pakistan we want our kids to inherit where brutality is practiced by the police under the patronage of government? If criminals like Abid Boxer can remain at large for more than a decade, and those whom he allegedly claimed to be responsible for ordering these murders in power corridors, our kids are not safe. Monsters are out there, howling and growling!

In my program of 19th June 2014, I interviewed the infamous encounter specialist, Abid Boxer, who was inducted in Punjab police as ASI on sports and rose to the ranks of inspector and served as SHO of many police stations of Lahore. Our so called vigilant police of Punjab and the Punjab government remained impotent to get hold of the killer convicted by the court for good 11 years. And they talk of their supreme performance to the clap of this wounded nation.

The former police inspector, Abid Boxer, confessed in my programme of his direct and indirect involvement in the extrajudicial killings on the behest of Punjab Chief Minister, Shehbaz Sharif. During the interview he also made many explosive claims regarding the Model Town Tragedy of PAT. In addition, he not only confessed fake-encounters being carried out by him but specifically mentioned that during the tenure at Sabsazar Police Station where he was serving as SHO, was asked by a senior police officer to kill 5 people on the direct orders of CM, Shahbaz Sharif. According to Boxer, following his refusal to commit the killings, the “left hand” of CM, Omar Virk, committed that crime.

Boxer confessed to innumerable extrajudicial killings on the orders CM and higher authorities. The fugitive who remained on the run for 11 years and wanted in countless extrajudicial killings, has been detained from Dubai with the assistance of Interpol, according to recent reports.

My concern is not one Abid boxer or one Rao Anwar, my concerns is that corrupt system which begets and nurture these brutes to spread terror in the society.

Rao Anwar, is one of the many culprits at large out there. It is great that the apex court of this country has taken notice of Rao Anwar’s killings, and we owe it to Naqeebullah Mehsud’s murder which brought that perpetrator into public notice, but the story does not end here.

These are not unidentified assailants doing the extrajudicial killings; these are the police officers, agents of the police, government officials who are involved in such activities.

Let me assure you that neither these are isolated victims, nor they are isolated criminals. These are the canaries in the local mine who are warning us against this poisonous atmosphere where no one can breathe with freedom and with confidence. Corrupt police and even corrupt state officials are corroding our society from within till we die or till we are heard.

I shall pray for the later.

You can watch my program below of June 19, 2014 for Abid Boxer’s interview for straight confessions and claims: