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Punjab govt’s tall claims washed away


Torrential rainfall on Monday in metropolitan city of Lahore has once again exposed the bogus claims of the Punjab government and its administration.

Not a single locality of Lahore city was left which was not drowned in water. The heavy rainfall throughout the month of August is the result of Monsoon season.

Massive traffic jams were observed on almost all the roads of Lahore city including Mall Road (Shahrai-e Quaid-e Azam) and Canal Road and the business enterprises located in the major markets of Lahore remained shut and people returned to their cities from where they had come for trade.

A passerby, who was standing into the road-water and trying to start his motorbike, said, “I was returning from Urdu Bazaar when heavy rain started pelting down. I reached the famous Lakshami Chowk and rain trapped me within no time. Now more than two hours have passed, but I am unable to move any where because 30-inch water has trapped me in the Lakshami Chowk.”

Another passerby went on to say, “We are living in 21st century in which Pakistan’s most important city’s most important road (Mall Road) gets blocked every time the rainfall pours down in Lahore. No matter of shame is bigger than this for us. It seems we are not living in 21st century but living in the time of 200 years ago.

He asked what we have done in 69 years. He asked what the responsibilities of the government are.

Children also got cornered on the roads when they were returning to their homes after their schools.

A few months earlier, the Lahore High Court had ordered administration to upgrade the drainage system of Lahore but the political administration of the second-largest metropolitan city froze off the courts orders and resultantly the masses were forced to face the manmade troubles.

Lahore DCO Capt (r) Muhammad Usman, when asked about the deplorable situation, claimed that entire administration including Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) and Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) was on their duties. All the machinery of political administration is on its job and trying to drain the rainwater, the DCO maintained Monday.

This is not the situation of Lahore only; the rain brings same consequences in all the cities of the country. The Metro Bus project, which was the biggest fancy of Punjab government before election 2013 and which succeeded in drawing a huge number of votes for PMLN, also drowns in water whenever the rainfall pelts down in Lahore.

The Metro Bus project was not much important to us as the project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is.

The then and current Chief Minister of the Punjab Shehbaz Sharif in 2013 pulled all his physical and mental forces along with his administration to construct the Metro Bus route as soon as possible in order to gain political objectives as 2013 elections was lying ahead.

In the same way, the CPEC route is under construction and 2018 elections are lying ahead.

It is possible the CPEC route would drown in the rain-water like the Metro Bus and like the other mega projects of the Punjab government.

So these circumstances persist in the entire country, we would make our CPEC trade on water or the government would provide ships for the trade on CPEC route.

Just one spell of Monsoon rain was enough to expose the gross dysfunctionality of all government departments.