Punjab govt tightens noose around pro-PTI singers

Punjab government is going to tighten the noose around those singers who sang the songs of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf which were against the government and the PML-N.

According to Baaghi TV sources, three cases have been registered against Qawal Sher Mian Daad, his manager and poet Qaiser Nadeem Guddu, husband of former actress Kiran and the resident of Wapda Town, Actor Babbu Rana, Singer Malku, singer Shagufta Awan aka Zaibi, DJ Walison, sound recordists, musicians and studio owners.

One case is registered at Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and two other cases have been lodged at the two police stations of Lahore. FIRs of these cases have been sealed which will be opened when the arrests of these people have been made.

The reasons quoted by the Punjab government in these FIRs included that the songs have been made on the recommendations of PTI and other opposition parties against the government, especially against the PML-N.

In showbiz circles, the real culprit behind this conspiracy is Qaiser Nadeem aka Guddu who took millions of rupees from the PTI and make use of other singers in order to fulfill his nefarious designs. The record of Guddu’s pictures with PTI leaders and anti-government persons has also been obtained.

It is also learnt that preparations are also underway to file a Rs 10 billion suit against these singers in the Lahore High Court.