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Punjab Food Authority Cracks Down at Public Parks of Lahore On Eid

The Punjab Food Authority that earned much respect for keeping a close eye on hygienic conditions in eateries across the province has now geared up to monitor Public Parks On Eid.


PFA officials examined Public Parks Food points including, Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore Zoo, Safari Park, Lahore Fort and other Public Food Points. In this Crackdown, PFA imposed 25000 fine to Canteen no 3 of Greater Iqbal Park for having poor hygiene, Another Cafe (1947) imposed 25000 fine, and Cafe Options imposed 25000 fine for poor hygiene.



According to Director Operations, 55 kilograms of vegetables, 28 kilos of tomato ketchup and 30 packets of rotten Burgers buns were wasted on the spot.

Director Operations of Punjab Food Authority imposed a 25000 fine on Lahore Zoo Canteen, 40000 on Safari Park and 15000 on Gulshan Iqbal Park over poor cleanliness arrangements and for selling unhygienic food.

Some teams are checking food points currently for provision of quality food to citizens under the healthy Punjab programme. In the last two months, PFA has sealed and fined hundreds of restaurants, bakeries and food factories.

According to food laws, all food products should include labels with complete disclosure of ingredients, net quantity, the weight of total ingredients, as well as the name and location of the maker of the packaged goods.