Public message by talibaans to hit educational institutes of Pakistan

A public message was given by the Taaliban militants to Pakistani citizens. The crux of the message went on as follows:


‘ I am going to address the ‘non-Muslim’ citizens of Pakistan. Allah has punished the people of this state by making them suffer through earthquakes and floods but the people of the state never learnt a lesson, instead, went on with their ill practices. We initiated our attacks from Bacha University because these are the sort of institutes which make the democracy of Pakistan, the laws and judges of Pakistan, the army officers of Pakistan. The senate, assembly and army of Pakistan is made through such institutes. From today onwards we are going to target the educational institutes of Pakistan. Now we are not going to target the officer in barrack or the lawyer in court; we will target the student in educational institutes. Pakistanis are non-Muslims as all the 21 points of NAP were not in adherence of Islamic laws. We request the Islamic scholars in Pakistan to ask the government to comply to Islamic laws otherwise we all will be held responsible at doomsday’