PTU criticizes Punjab govt for lacking vision in education policy

RAWALPINDI November 15 (Online): Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) central General Secretary Kashif Shehzad on Thursday said developed societies introduce uniform education system whereas the ruling government has no vision in this connection.

He said that the ruling provincial government had hinted new road map in the educational sector in few days but it had ‘failed’.  He said the government didn’t consult all stakeholders in this regard and takes decision in a closed room. The union leader said such road maps never get success.

Shehzad and other union representatives said the government instead of solving academia issues making the problems more complicated. They said if teachers will be under mental pressures, how they would be able to teach students.

They revealed that as many as 4,000 schools in Punjab were headless.  They further said over 130, 000 teachers are yet waiting to receive their dues of performing exam duties in the last year examinations. The union members further said that the students of class 5th and 8th were still waiting for their certificates.