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PTI’s report on pre-poll rigging in NA 122 completed

Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaf (PTI) has finally completed its interrogative report  about the pre-poll rigging in NA 122 constituency and has concluded that Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) transferred the votes to outside constituency.

As per details, ECP registered at least 27,000 new votes in NA-122 of which 14, 114 were in PP-147.

The report claims: 3,145 votes were transferred out of constituency by ECP.

According to source, party’s Punjab President Chaudary Sarwar has also written an official letter to ECP about the issue.


Earlier, PTI filed an application to requesting Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to recount the number of votes that did cast in constituency NA122 where recently, bye elections were held and a close war of votes was seen between Aleem Khan, candidate from PTI and Ayaz Sadiq, candidate from Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN). However, after this close battle, Ayaz Sadiq was declared winner.

According to reports, the total difference of votes was told as 2443 votes while the investigations show that 1858 votes of these 2443 votes have been rejected which is an irregularity again. It can also cause problem for PMLN to run government now as Imran threatened Nawaz Sharif that if any rigging or irregularity occurred, he will not let the government to run smoothly.


This constituency was very important in the politics of PTI and PMLN. There was, although, not as much turn out as was required. Still Imran Khan has now claimed that he will investigate the votes of PTI which were taken out of the ballot boxes after polling.
PMLN leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif declared thw victory in a press conference on previous night and others leaders of PMLN stated differently.


The bye elections were held after Ayaz Sadiq was proved ineligible for the post when Election Tribunal issued its verdict that rigging was conducted in the elections. That time Imran Khan was standing against Ayaz Sadiq.

After general elections 2013, Imran Khan approached Supreme Court to carry out investigations of the rigging occurred in elections. However, the apex court turned out to be non serious in this case and Imran after waiting for one year, decided to lead a long March which is the longest sit -in too conducted in D-chowk Islamabad.
The government didn’t get agree to the open the four constituencies that Khan asked for.

However, Khan has to quit Dharna after a deadly massacre occurred at Army Public School Peshawar killing more than 150 people including 130 students.
After this attack, Khan united with all other parties to present unity of country to whole world and mainly terrorists.
However, after the all party conference too, government didn’t fulfil its promises to open constituencies.
Later, Imran asked to establish an Election Tribunal to issue verdict of constituencies where there was doubt of rigging. One by one ETC issued decisions that proved rigging in the elections.