PTI’s Grave Digger- Lord Jehangir Khan Tareen

Former Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkey Tariq Aziz Ud Din, who was appointed as the PSO to the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan almost two month ago, has resigned from his post. However, party insiders are silent regarding the incidents that led to this major setback to PTI.

Baaghi TV has learnt through reliable sources that from the day Tariq Aziz Ud Din was appointed, he was never allowed to perform his duty professionally. Moreover, he was also told that his monthly salary would be given by Jehangir Khan Tareen and therefore, he had to report to him. How ever this was not the case at the time of his appointment which was simply to organize the office of the Chairman PTI as well as ensure that everything runs professionally and smoothly.

According to sources, the highly qualified Tariq Aziz Ud Din remained extremely frustrated and annoyed by Jehangir Khan Tareen as he wanted to take complete control of Chairman’s offices through his other stooge and crony Awn Chaudhry. Furthermore, it is also reported that there also occurred a few major arguments between some senior supporters of the party and the Secretariat people who were determined to run the offices professionally which both the partners and senior members found personally embarrassing.

Jahangir Khan Tareen and Imran Khan
Jahangir Khan Tareen and Imran Khan

Thus, Awn Chaudhry was assigned the role of making sure to constantly detract the former Ambassador and Chaudhry was fully supported by Jehangir Khan Tareen.

As per reports by the sources, Imran Khan tried to remain neutral throughout the time but as per fact, offices of Imran Khan are being run by the money of other leadership.

When Baaghi TV contacted him, Tariq Aziz Ud Din didn’t say anything and offered a “No comments”, however, something that is for sure is that some friends and members of PTI have complete control over the political party and everyone else in PTI has started to form close devotion to them in order to ensure their own survival. The contrasting side of the story is that Chairman Imran Khan does not seem to show awareness of the messy happenings very close to home so far. No effort has been shown to ensure accountability of leadership and friends and this has become the time bomb in PTI’s hand.

Former Ambassador Tariq Aziz Ud Din
Former Ambassador Tariq Aziz Ud Din

Imran Khan is being presented with the picture of ‘all is well’  and any well wisher who tries to change that seems to somehow be removed from the party by PTI’s currently-dominating leadership. However, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwan (KP) is struggling to keep the people of the province satisfied with it’s lackluster performance and the same attitude has created pit holes with in the party. With Tariq Aziz ud Din gone, the JKT group is active again and Awn Chaudhry, amongst others have resumed their former destabalizing activities in full swing. This is a heavy blow for the average party workers and a setback for those who thought Imran Khan will be able to bounce back in his position of strength with better planning and organisation. There are also news regarding the filtering of funds collected in the UK and of being transferred to a personal account in the Middle East however, at this point, we can neither confirm nor deny this bit of the news.

  • JKT personally insisted that the COS, who according to him neither has any political experience and nor does he know the party members, should stay away from PTI and instead focus on KPK and on some of the projects which Imran Khan has started.
  • Secondly, there are no funds available for providing the required personnel and equipment for setting up a Secretariat, which can be headed by the COS. JKT told Tariq Aziz Ud Din that unless Tariq listens to him, he would have no future in the place. Therefore, with Imran Khan apparently helpless in front of the money given by Jehangir Khan Tareen and his plane joy rides, Tariq Aziz Ud Din just left in the unhelpful sitution.


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