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PTI sit-in will cost 400m to Islamabad police

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Police department has asked the government for a Rs400 million grant to cover expenses expected to be incurred by law enforecement and paramilitary troops during their engagement with the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’s (PTI) planned “siege” of Islamabad.

This demand, which has been sent to the interior ministry, only accounts for a 10-day deployment, officials said, adding that additional funds would be required if the sit-in is prolonged.

The letter issued in this regard came from the Central Police Office, and was addressed to the interior ministry by Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Nisar Ahmed Khan. Its subject reads: “Request for supplementary grant of Rs460.719 million in connection with tentative long march/dharna of PTI”.

In it, the AIG posits that according to reports, the PTI is planning to shut down the capital on Nov 2 and, according to statements of prominent leaders, they will be looking to assemble a large number of people for the purpose.

The available strength and resources of the Capital City police department are insufficient to provide security and maintain law and order in Islamabad during the event, the letter stated.