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PTI sends legal notice to Pervez Rasheed

Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaf (PTI)’s Naeem ul Haq sent a legal notice to Federal Minister of Information and broadcast Pervez Rashid over defaming PTI chairman Imran Khan.

He also mentioned that the campaign against him was launched with the money of common people.

The information secretary of PTI, Naeem ul Haq said, “Rashid made every effort to compromise the peaceful rally and damage the reputation of Imran Khan by running advertisements in the media which were not only false but also financed by public money.”

Moreover, he also maintained, “These actions are tantamount to misuse of authority and misappropriation of public money.”

The notice also demanded Pervez Rashid to tell the source of funding for the advertisement.

Pervez Rashid said that Imran was not getting agreed to the terms of references (ToRs) for Panama leaks commission in order to protect Jehangir Khan Tareen, PTI leader, from the  inquiry. Citing a  document of State Bank of Pakistan, he also alleged the Jehangir Tareen of receiving Rs 49.8 million of loans against his companies.

Jehangir, however, denied of getting any kind of loans, “I took part in elections in 2002, 2008, 2013 and 2015 but no one challenged my election on these issues. The information minister is referring to was taken aback by the State Bank with an apology in 2013.”

While talking about the ToRs, Information secretary of PTI clarified that almost every parliamentary party has rejected them, “If the government refuses to budge, as was announced by law minister then they would have to suffer.”

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