PTI press conference today, IK reveals new facts

Imran Khan, chief of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf spoke to a press conference with PTI Election Commission members in Islamabad on Friday at 4:30pm.

The press conference was regarding the upcoming Intra Party Elections. He handed the operations of the party over to a caretaker set up as all party positions were earlier dissolved today.

During press conference, he said that merit and democracy go hand in hand and it’s sad that in the Muslim world, they are democracies only in name.

Lack of merit has played a big role in ruining democracy in Pakistan. Look at how a federal party like PPP has deteriorated, he added by saying that PPP had hard working loyal workers; but nepotism and family politics ruined the party.

The previous IPE and its problems caused us damage in the 2013 general election too.

He clarified that there were 3 problems and our electoral roles were not made properly. The credibility was diluted.
About the direct and indirect elections, he expressed that in an indirect election, votes can be bought. We got a lot of complaints on it, but could not verify and therefore we have decided that there will now be direct elections; at Tehsil, District, central level where the voting process will include membership drive via mobile phones.

He asked Election Commission of party to fully control this election and tell him what he can do.

At the end, he further clarified that “I will not b sharing a stage w/ anyone contesting elections. We want to complete elections before PTI’s 20th anniversary in April.”

He requested the ECP by saying “I want to appeal to the election commission of Pakistan to help us;if we can do a better IPE it will be beneficial to country.”