PTI Nominee, Buzdar, Paid the Blood Money

It is least expected of Prime Minister, Imran Khan, to select someone as the Chief Minister of Punjab who has paid the blood-money. But Sardar Usman Buzdar, CM nominee from PTI, paid it to resolve a murder case. There is a lot of juicy substance in this for the critics of Khan, and it is earnestly hoped that PM, Imran Khan, has a solid rebuttal to this scandal. Khan has set the bar so high that even slightest of the slips here and there will catch fire in no time.

Buzdar had clinched victory from the PP-286 (Dera Ghazi Khan) constituency, with 26,897 votes to his name, in the General Elections (GE) of 2018.

According to the FIR, a case was registered against Buzdar and his father for plotting the murder of six men who were shot dead in a firing during the 1998 polls.

FIR was lodged against 20 people over involvement in the murder, indicating that Buzdar’s supporters opened fire on innocent men while politically campaigning for him.

To settle the issue, Buzdar, his father and brother paid Rs.750,000 as blood money to silence the affectees.

In addition, allegedly Buzdar made 300 ghost appointments during his tenure as Nazim. However, Buzdar’s brother regarded all such allegations as fake and baseless. According to him, after investigations, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had dropped the charges.

Buzdar, an advocate by profession and a landlord by inheritance, was born in May 1969, in the tribal stretch of Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab. He is the eldest of five brothers and sisters. After receiving his early education from a local school in Barthi, he graduated from Multan’s Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) with an M.A. degree in political science, and also completed his LLB later on.

Buzdar, with the following FIR, does not seem to be a squeaky clean guy contrary to the hopes of the people.

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