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PTI minister booked over illegal arms, liquor

ISLAMABAD: Police has recorded a First Information Report (FIR) against KP’s Revenue Minister Ali Amin Gandapur over having unlawful weapons and alcohol in his possession.

It ought to be noticed that Gandapur’s auto was stopped and looked at a check post at the Rukhsana Bangash street, when he was heading off to the home of Imran Khan in Bani Gala.

Police sought the auto and asserted to have recovered the weapons and ammo from the vehicle.

The weapons were shown at Bara Kahu police headquarters of Islamabad, which included four Kalashnikovs, ammo, poisonous gas discharge firearm and bullet proof vests.

PTI Vice-Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi guaranteed that the story was created and planted by the Islamabad Police to legitimize their activity and the captures of the PTI activists.

The case was recorded at Bara Kahu Police Station by policeman named Younis. The commonplace clergyman is reserved over posessing unlawful weapons and medications. He is additionally blamed for disregarding Section 144.

The FIR specifies that Gandapur got away by walking after he was halted by the law authorization work force close Rukhsana Bangash street.

It additionally expresses that weapons, shot proof coats and liquor containers were recuperated from his vehicle amid the pursuit.

Addressing media on Monday, Gandapur said that it will be demonstrated in the court whether the weapons — professedly found in his posession — were lawful or unlawful.

The PTI pioneer said that he is by and large erroneously blamed in for posessing alcohol. He included, “We will request equity. We can’t be quieted.”

He went ahead to say that the District Police Officer (DPO) is functioning as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s worker. Gandapur said, “I provoke him to have his blood tried.”