PTI Karachi Organizer Expresses Thanks to PTI Workers for Support and Efforts

Karachi, Pakistan – January 14, 2016 – In a press conference held at Insaf House on Thursday evening, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi Organizer Ali Zaidi expressed gratitude to PTI workers and supporters for their support and efforts during his tenure as Karachi President. The party heads into intra-party elections from January 15 and all PTI organizations across the country will be dissolved.

“I would like to express my gratitude to my team, PTI workers and supporters for their hard work, dedication and support in trying to build PTI Karachi into an institution. I would also like to thank Chairman Imran Khan for reposing the utmost confidence and trust in me as PTI Karachi Organizer.”

“During my brief tenure as PTI Karachi Organizer, we tried to organize the party at all levels in order to strengthen our workers and support base.”

“Alhamdulillah, Insaf House is now a political landmark and centre for all PTI activities in this great city.”

“The NA-246 by-election, cantonment elections and local body elections helped us develop an organizational structure that devolves all the way down to the ward level.”

“Through various political activities, electronic and print media, we have raised the profile of PTI locally among the people of Karachi and nationally, as well. In addition, through various Research centres, we highlighted the main issues facing this city and more importantly, presented solutions also.”

“We introduced transparency and merit in our decision making process. The creation of district-wide parliamentary boards for selection of candidates during the recent local body election was a prime example.”

“I regret that the party did not achieve the results we desired in the local body election, but on the other hand, PTI Karachi is now a much more organized political force with workers, members and supporters in over 90% of Karachi’s Union Committees.”

“Going forward, the main challenge for the country is to conduct free and fair elections that would represent the true mandate of the people. This can only be achieved through a revamped, independent and effective Election Commission of Pakistan and more importantly, electoral reforms that include biometric elections like they are conducted in our neighbor country.”

“For the people of Karachi and Pakistan, the time has come to own our neighborhoods, cities, villages and country and hold account our elected representatives at all levels to ensure that they serve you, the people and not for their own self-enrichment. We need to rid the country of the present colonial mindset plaguing our ruling classes and move towards a true democratic culture.”