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PTI Intra Party Elections 2017

PTI Intra-Party Election results come out and Insaf panel win by one lac 89 thousand and 55 votes against the Ehtisab panel.

It was the third intra-party election. Last year, due to Panama case, PTI didn’t manage to arrange their elections.

The elections were carried out between two parties. Insaf panel was leading by Imran Khan and the other one Ehtisab panel by Naik Muhammad.

Imran Khan once again selected as Chairman of the Party, Shah Mahmood Qureshi as Vice Chairman and Jehangir Tareen as Secretary General.

Once the party declared the names of the panel then it was clear who will win and these elections seem just a formality. All members of the panel were chosen by the nominated chairman of the panel.

All members of the panel were chosen by the nominated chairman of the panel. All selection were made at a private hotel in Islamabad, where ijlas of maglis e amma was carried out.

All regional and provincial elections were conducted under chief election commission Azam Sawati.

These elections also encountered some problems and controversies like they didn’t nominate some strong person of their party just like Asad Umar which is a strong candidate of PTI.

The second thing PTI didn’t issued tickets to any female member of their party. They have many experienced and well-known female politicians like Fozia Qasuri, Shamsa Ali, Dr Yasmin Rashid, Mehnaz Rafi, Saloni Bukhari, Rabia Basri, Nazia Rabbani and many others are being ignored in the elections.

According to sources, this was the decision of chairmen that whether they want to select any female candidate or not.

This situation may results loss for the party and might be possible some members divert from PTI to somewhere else.

Once Imran Khan said that he will not remain, chairman of the party, more than three times and this is last time so we hope next time someone else will be chosen as chairman.