Karachi, Pakistan  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) strongly blasts the Sindh government for passing the Sindh Criminal Prosecution Service Amendment Bill for hampering independence of prosecution and investigation.

The amendment passed on Friday is a black law and makes a mockery of the justice system, which is already under fire from the public when it comes to prosecuting serious criminal cases such as terrorism and financial corruption.

Former PTI Karachi President and senior leader Ali Zaidi commenting on the amendment, “This amendment is actually opposite to the Supreme Court judgement in Suo Moto case of 2011 stating that an independent and depoliticized investigation and prosecution is a major requirement to bring terrorists to justice. With the passing of this black law, the Sindh government is bending over backwards to protect its favorites such as Dr. Asim Hussain from facing criminal prosecution.”

Sindh Parliamentary leader and MPA Samar Ali Khan voiced his concerns over the bill, “PTI categorically condemns this amendment bill as this severely hampers the prosecution of criminals in this province. We believe that the government should allow due process of justice to take its course and criminals should face the music in the courts.”

PTI will continue to raise objections to this black law inside and outside the Sindh Assembly, as we strongly believe that no one should be above the law.