PTI and GDA: Spectacular Political Gatherings Before GE-2018

The huge crowd gathered to show support for PTI and GDA

PTI’s Election campaign is skyrocketing nowadays. Whether it’s print media, social media, Television or even radio, the campaign is going very strong. The campaign and the response of people show that the next prime minister of the country can be Imran Khan. On the other hand, many other parties are doing the same. Elections are not so far away and every single party is trying to upgrade their political status. Everyone is raving about their efforts and achievements.

GDA, on the other hand, is Grand Democratic Alliance is the alliance made including various parties and disgruntled Pakistan People’s party members including Zulfiqar Mirza and Fehmida Mirza. Pir Pagara is the leader of GDA. Zulfiqar Mirza and Fehmida Mirza, both nullify and invalidated Pakistan People’s Party performance and they recently joined the alliance. Both of them are disappointed at the party’s performance and according to them, the party didn’t fulfil, what was in their manifesto. Fehmida Mirza said;

“I don’t think there is any thing named PPP now.”

The recent gathering (Jalsa) of GDA showed that Sindh supports them and many people from the region have the best expectations from them. They still have high hopes and they are determined that the alliance may help them. Fehmida Mirza had a thinking that Sindh lacks clean water and education. Pir Pagara also said that whatever Fehmida said is in the manifesto of the alliance. Furthermore, GDA and other alliances have nothing extraordinary in the coming elections and their sole priority is to help people.

Many political gatherings are and will take place in the current time zone of elections. These alliances will or will not make the difference will be decided later but the point is that a huge majority is supporting them and up-till-now they are working for humanity and for not any other cause.