PSP to go to high court over issue of flag

Karachi: The Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) has decided to go to the Sindh High Court (SHC) following the Election Commission of Pakistan’s order to not to use the national flag in its meetings.

The election commission forbade Mustafa Kammal’s political party to use the Pakistani flag in party’s meetings and ceremonies. The decision angered the party leaders and members and they decided to reach the high court against the decision.

Waseem Aftab told media sources that if SHC did not listen them, they will take the issue in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Pak Sarzaemeen Party launched party’s new flag on February 14, 2017 after it was grilled by the election commission. Earlier it used the national flag as the PSP’s flag for over a year. The new flag is not much different from Pakistani flag; just written “Pakistani” on green portion. The action was against the constitution.

However, PSP had decided that the new flag would be used just for the registration purpose to silence critics. One of the PSP leader also asked workers to use the national flag in all offices, houses and programmes and all party events. Later, PSP used it in its functions against which the ECP again took action.