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PSF Providing Equal Opportunities to all Players: Secretary Tahir Sultan

ISLAMABAD: Secretary Pakistan Squash Federation Tahir Sultan said that we are providing equal opportunities to all players, now it’s their responsibility to work hard and win titles.

Talking about Pakistan’s top player, Farhan Mehboob, who has allegedly blamed the Federation’s lobby for damaging his career, Sultan said, “There is no discrimination with Farhan or any other player, we are providing equal opportunities to all players.”

When asked about the discontinuation of honorarium of Rs. 35,000/month for Mehboob, Sultan said that this amount is for the top ranked player of our country. World No. 63 Farhan is not the to-ranked player of Pakistan, World No. 134 Israr Ahmad is the current top ranked player of our nation.

Sultan added, “Our ranking is mostly based on participation and performance of national tournaments, so currently, Israr is number one based on his performance in national tournaments. Instead of improving his game, he has been levelling baseless allegations.”

He concluded, “We are not against anyone, our policies are open and the current administration under the leadership of Chief of Air Staff and SVP [Air Marshal Shahid Akhtar Alvi] has been taking all possible step for promotion of squash and the players. Legendary players like Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan are also saying that they never enjoyed such fine facilities which are being provided to young player of the country by the federation.”