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Protests across Balochistan against Modi diatribe

QUETTA: A number of furious protests have been observed in Balochistan over the recent statement of Indian Prime Minister (PM) Nrindra Modi, it has been reported.

Moreover, Chief Minister of Balochistan Sanaullah Zehri has accused India of stoking terrorism in the province.

Meanwhile, civil society activists and different political organizations staged rallies in Dera Bugti, Lasbela, Naushki, Chaghai, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, Kohlu, Dadhar, Sibi and Bolan among other cities of Balochistan.

The demonstrators condemned the Indian PM’s Independence Day diatribe against Pakistan, in which he said that Balochistan and Azad Kashmir had thanked him for talking about them and raising their issues.

The demonstrators while expressing their anger set Indian flags on fire and shouted slogans against Nrindra Modi and demanded Pakistani government to bring the dispute onto international platform.

The Balochistan CM said that protests and demonstrations across the province were the clear-cut evidence of the Balochi people’s hatred against India.

The Balochi people are protesting against Indian PM’s statement and on the other hand, Kashmiri people are demonstrating against Indian policies, said Balochistan CM adding that protests were taking place in Kashmir despite the imposition of curfew.

He condemned the statement of Barhumdagh Bugti as Barhumdagh thanked Modi for taking up the issue of Balochistan and Zaheri said that people of Balochistan want to live with Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti, while addressing a conference at Quetta Law College, seconded Zehri that India was behind the unrest in Balochistan and responsible for the deadly civil hospital blast.