Principal Shoots Students Of PIPS Abbottabad Using an AK47

On July 31, the Principal of Pakistan International Public School and College Abbottabad opened fire on students using an AK47.

The students of the institute claim that the Principal opened fire at them in response to a protest they were conducting on failing their intermediate (Fsc) examinations.

Some of the students present on the sight have reported that prior to shooting, an admin official of the school was seen carrying guns and was violently forcing the protesting students out of the school premises.

When the students did not leave despite being told to multiple times, the Principal came out of his office carrying an AK 47 and opened fire at them.

In the videos obtained, one of the students got hurt. See below:

Pakistan International Public School (PIPS) is considered to be one of the most expensive schools in Hazara, Abbottabad and it is solely because of its good reputation that parents get their children enrolled in the institution.

The students also allegedly reported that they approached Mr.Ejaz Akbar (MD) regarding the issue, but the official completely refused to speak with them and instead sent the admin staff to deal with them in a horrific manner.