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Prince Harry Does Iftaar With Muslims

On Sunday, June 4, Prince Harry attended an Iftaar feast with the Muslims in Singapore organised to honour the victims of the London attack.

He is currently on a trip to Singapore and visited the community centre/welfare organisation run by the Muslims called Jamiyah Singapore.

The organisation provides a variety of services including help for drug addicts, finding homes for the homeless and giving away free food to the needy.

Harry, along with the others waited till 7:11 pm for the sun to set and Azaan-e-Maghrib to be called before beginning the traditional Iftaar.

The quiet room came to life with people talking and Harry reached for a date and put it in his mouth then licked his fingers with joy.

Just a few minutes later, he was given a small bowl of porridge, known as bubur, along with other guests who sat beside him.

Dr.Mohammadd Hasbi Abu Bakar, the President of Jamiyah Singapore, said: ‘Ramadan is a time of reflection, for spending time with family and friends while giving support to those who are less fortunate.’ He added further. ‘We are honoured that Prince Harry was able to join us for this iftar and to meet with the young people that are part of the Jamiyah Singapore community.’

Muhammad Rafiuddin Ismail, Secretary General of Jamiyah, said: ‘Our thoughts go out to the families of the victims of the London terror attack last night.’

Harry bowed his head while hearing him talk, and the secretary general added, ‘Let peace and harmony prevail in communities all over the world.’

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