Press statement by Brig Amjad Parvez Kayani (Retd)

1. For a considerably long time there has been a well coordinated and malicious campaign, particularly on social media, to malign “Kayani Brothers”. We had decided to maintain silence but unfortunately it has been taken as a tacit acceptance of guilt. With full responsibility, we submit the following facts:

  •  a) Rather than talking about us as individuals, a reference is always made to Gen Kayani, as if he sponsored and facilitated us in everything we did or did not do. Everything under the sun is attributed to us without a shred of lawful or even raw evidence, departmental records or proof. These allegations are baseless. General Kayani never, in any way, sponsored or facilitated our business interests.
  • b) All three of General Kayani’s brothers have served the great institution of Pakistan Army and upholding its prestige and honour runs in our blood. We, therefore, will ever remain available to any departmental scrutiny for any of our engagements with Army during or after the active service, without slightest of hesitation.
  • c. In last two days, statements attributed to DHA Lahore and NAB, have been circulated by few media channels as a legal discourse primarily focused on Kamran Kayani Following may be considered on merit of the facts:-
  1. a) DHA City
    DHA Lahore has itself published a public notice in all major news papesr today about the Joint Venture (JV) known as DHA City, establishing the fact that the two main partners in the JV are DHA Lahore and Glabaco Private Limited. Kamran Kayani is not a partner in this JV. In last 48 hours, it is being repeated in the media that Kamran “facilitated” this deal in favour of Glabaco. How did he facilitate it? It is said and implied in very clear terms that he used his influence being a brother of Gen Kayani. The All mega projects of the size of DHA City are processed and approved at the highest management level of respective DHAs. Did Kamran influence complete hierarchy of DHA Lahore, from 2009 onwards? Is there any proof? Rather than waiting for an investigation, it is already being projected as a statement of facts. There are many JVs that various DHAs have entered into; involving some of the famous multinationals. Every JV is a shared responsibility of the partners. In this case DHA Lahore, the senior partner, has decided to become a complainant and has taken the case to the media.
    In this JV, DHA Lahore is the senior partner. All plots/files which were marketed would have been issued by DHA and no one else (including Kamran Kayani).
  2. b) ELYSIUM Farm House
    It was joint venture (JV) between DHA Islamabad and ELYISUM, signed in 2009.
    Elysium was not owned by Kamran Kayani. Ownership of the ELYISIUM was clearly established in a supreme court decision which ordered EOBI to return fifty plots to ELYISIUM and ELYISIUM to pay back Rs one billion to EOBI. The decision of the Supreme Court was implemented.

2. DHA, Islamabad claims a loss of Rs 500 million (cost of 20 files given as compensation to land owners by ELYISIUM). In return, the ELYISIUM transferred approx 6000 kanals of land to DHA with an approx value of Rs 12 Billions.

3. The purpose of this statement is to put the issues in their correct perspective. In no way it is meant to escape the responsibility, if any. We stand open to scrutiny like all other citizens of Pakistan.