Presidential candidate Awais Rao speaks about EMPRA elections tomorrow

Electronic Media Producers’ Right Association (EMPRA) is to conduct its first elections on 10th January, 2016. For which, a total of 15 candidates are contesting in the elections.

In electronic media, no doubt a program or a show is known for its anchor and show, however, the main role is actually played by the people behind cameras. From collecting the information to manage the source, a producer has a huge burden on himself. Presidential candidate Rao Awais talks to Baaghi TV, about how he plans to use the platform and what he thinks makes him a good choice to vote for.

He further addresses all the controversies and even gives the statement, “I am the producer who can prove to make the anchor work according to himself.” and that is a big deal considering he is the executive producer of one of the biggest shows of the country, Khara Such with Lucman.