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President Obama Reveals his Worst Mistake in Office

On Sunday, President Barrack Obama opened up to Chris Wallace, from the Fox News’ about what he thinks that has been his worst mistake as a president.

While Obama however said that he does not regret the involvement of the United States in Libya, however he had said that he did wish he had planned better for the aftermath.

“Probably failing to plan for day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya,” said Obama to the reporter during his first appearance on the “Fox News Sunday” as a president.

Previously President Barrack Obama had expressed his concern with the aftermath in Libya during an interview with The Atlantic, in which he had said the situation there to be “a mess.”

“When I go back & I ask myself what went wrong, there is room for criticism, because I’d more faith in the Europeans, given the Libya’s proximity, being invested in the follow-up,” said President Barrack Obama.

He also noted that he had also underestimated “the degree of the tribal division in Libya.”

President Obama has also spoken about Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State’s emails during the interview with the Fox News.

President Barrack Obama claimed that she had never jeopardized the national security but admitted that there was “a carelessness” of using a personal email for the matters of the State Department.