President Mamnoon Hussain Meets the Absconder Son of the Convicted Nawaz Sharif

Mamnoon Hussain has been conferred with an honorary degree by the College of Physicians of Edinburgh. The president also visited ailing Kulsoom Nawaz at Harley Street Clinic London.

President Mamnoon Hussain said that that he was invited by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh when talking to journalists at the airport. “He always supported across-the-board accountability” he added.

Pakistan’s High Commissioner, Sahebzada Ahmed Khan, was there at the airport to receive the president.

He (President) had taken a shot at former PM Nawaz Sharif when he said that as a result of divine law corrupt people are arrested.

He said, “It’s the divine law that whenever anyone is involved in corruption, he is sooner or later apprehended after an investigation.”

When the president and his wife went to inquire Kalsoom Nawaz. Hussain Nawaz-the absconder, son of Nawaz Sharif, was present there to welcome them.

After visiting Kulsoom Nawaz, the president spoke to a group of media members and said that Kulsoom Nawaz has appealed for prayers.

President Mamnoon Hussain said that it is a six-day trip. And during that time Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani will hold the office of acting president.

At this occasion, Hussain Nawaz also faced some questions from media. Answering the question about the selection of the president he said that; “I will not pass a comment on it, the decision for the selection of president will be made by the PML-N leadership.”

He further added that father (Nawaz Sharif) had a word with them through a Pakistani number and he is also allowed to call once or twice a week.

But the question which arises here is that how can a president of a country meet and hug a proclaimed offender of courts of his state. He not only met the absconder, Hussain Nawaz, but also consoled him and family by saying; “I am standing with (the convicted) Nawaz, as I was in 1999,”

This should be taken into notice and make President justify his action. As we say and litigate that “nobody is above the law” but unfortunately this “all” is for the ones who are easily reachable.

We demand that the lawmakers must take this into notice and take a bold step against the president.