PPP and PML-N Alliance May Not Prolong Due to Inherent Differences

Animosity is deep and shall last

PMLN and People’s party have been on good terms with each other lately. This is not the first time but the situation has occurred many times in the history of Pakistan. On the other hand, people have eye witnessed the animosity and bitterness, deeply rooted in both the parties. This shows that the alliance may not prolong and the split can occur very soon.

The leaders of both the parties criticised and commented on the policies and defamed each other in various ways. Bilawal Bhutto claimed last year that PML-N is responsible for the gap between rich and poor and the gap has increased. He said;

“PML-N writes off loans taken by the rich people… the rich are given amnesty schemes but they aren’t bothered about how the poor people afford two times meal.”

Bilawal also insulted the PMLN on metro buses and spending billions on infrastructure while the poor are still suffering and they have no adequate supplies for their survival, he commented on the party by saying;

“These cruel rulers have decided to eliminate the poor and not poverty.”

On the other hand, PMLN has blamed PPP and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf for the chaotic situation of the country. The political gatherings and unwanted fury among youngsters was all the fault of PPP and PTI. Very recently, every single party was united in order to disqualify Nawaz Sharif from Prime Minister’s post. Including Pakistan People’s party. Now suddenly both have a strong alliance with unity.

Bilawal Bhutto in one of his sayings mentioned that Nawaz Sharif’s policies are similar to Zia-Ul-Haq and that how Maryam Nawaz is being involved in the case, furthermore he referred to the alleged connection with Usama bin Ladin. Thus, if a party can comment openly, in such strong terms, then how both can exist in the same place. It is quite astonishing that how parties can forget everything they said or did. Bilawal Bhutto had made the alliance with the party whom he blamed for having relations with Usama bin Ladin. Such a fake and untrustworthy political system we have.

Bilawal also criticised Nawaz Sharif for judicial reforms for resolving personal feuds by saying;

“If Nawaz Sharif was really a democratic man and wanted to follow the path of democracy to bring judicial reforms, then he should have done that during his four years in parliament.”

All the parties had major concerns for the army being closely involved in elections. After the polling, the concerns grew more as results were really unexpected and unbelievable. Thus many parties became closer in order to be strong and everyone had a mutual concern. Thus in order to be powerful, unity is important and this is what PMLN and PPP doing despite being secretly an enemy of each other.