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Power distribution companies’ outstanding dues swell to 88 billion

Islamabad: Outstanding dues of power sector have increased to 88 billion during the first nine months of the current fiscal year 2015-16 due to poor performance of power distribution companies.

The total receivable amount has swelled from Rs 282 billion to Rs 364 billion.

According to media reports outstanding dues on account of nonpayment of electricity bills have increased by Rs 52 billion. Outstanding payments increased by Rs 28 billion due to excessive line losses and transmission losses. Due to delay in decisions in the cases of tariff adjustment loss amounting to Rs 2 billion was caused on account of non-recovery of late payment surcharge.

Target has been set to bring bills recovery in respect of KEPKO to 95.7 percent, FESCO, 98.5 percent, IESCO, 87.6 percent, MEPCO, 98,1 percent, PESCO, 87.1 percent, TESCO 75.4 percent, HESCO, 72.6 percent and KESCO 57.5 percent.

Line losses will be brought down from 21.1 percent to 18 percent as per target set for power distribution companies.