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Porsche’s bonus for employees would make you wish to work there

Splendorous car maker Porsche announced record breaking sales in 2016; the German company has made another announcement which will make you wish you worked there. 

Porsche is celebrating its record sale by giving every single one of its 21,000 German employees a €9,111 bonus.

The amount of the bonus is a nod to Porsche’s famous 911 model and will be issued to every employee from the senior staff and engineers down to the line workers, janitors and cafeteria workers.

Oliver Blume, chairman of the executive board of Porsche AG, said in a statement “For Porsche, 2016 was an eventful, emotional and above all, a highly successful year and the expertise and passion of our staff forms the basis of a successful future for Porsche.”

Well, the bonus is not new for Porsche’s employees as last year the car-maker gave every German employee €8,911 in extra cash.

But there is something we should not forget that the company isn’t the only one to thank for such generous offerings. Credit must also be given to the labour policies in Germany which has stronger unions and labor representation at the highest levels of power in large companies.