Popular Leader of Sikh Community Shot Dead in Peshawar

By Atiya Riffat

A Sikh community pioneer, Charanjeet Singh, was shot dead by unidentified outfitted men in his grocery store at the Scheme Chowk on the Kohat Road on Tuesday.

A police official said that Sardar Charan Jeet Singh was present in his shop when obscure motorcyclists opened fire at him, murdering him in a split second. The attackers prevailing with regards to getting away safe, the official added.

On the other hand, pioneers of the community, Radesh Singh Tooni and Sardar Jitendra Singh, have affirmed the slaughtering and named it a act of dread. Radesh Singh said that it is surprising that on the second day of the democratic government’s end, a dynamic and famous pioneer of Sikh community had been shot dead.

“He had been running the shop for a long time. He had no enmity,” a pioneer of the Sikh Community, Baba Gurpal Singh, revealed to The News. As indicated by Gurpal Singh, Charanjeet Singh was a active member from different associations advancing of interfaith harmony.

Gurpal Singh said one of his siblings and some different individuals from the party were slaughtered in attacks by unidentified men lately. The murdering of Charanjeet Singh, in any case, is the main assault on Sikhs in Peshawar in the last very nearly four years.

Sikhs in Peshawar appreciate agreeable relations with the nearby Muslims since they have been living in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata for a year. In fact, the Sikh community during Ramazan organize Iftar for Muslims at various parts of Peshawar. Most Sikhs in the city are working together and some are specialists of traditional medicine.