Poor pay the tax money, the powerful get VIP protocol from it. Aftab Sultan, DG IB using government resources for personal and family use

On Friday DG Intelligence Bureau (IB), Aftab Sultan made a trip to NADRA, accompanied by not only a fleet of official IB cars but also four of NADRA’s cars. All these official resources were used for the purpose of renewing the ID card of not only Aftab Iqbal himself and his brother as well.

Sultan has been serving in IB since 2013, currently holding the post of Director-General of the institution (IB). He has previously been a part of the CID bureau of Lahore Metro Police.

Aftab Sultan was hired for one year in April 2013 and since then, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif gave him the second extension for a year in April 2015, under which he is now serving. During his time Chairman PTI, Imran Khan said that Aftab Iqbal, as per the will of Nawaz Sharif has circulated money to journalists to carry out an ‘anti-PTI campaign’ on the Media.

Here is a copy of the Bahria Town documents which were hacked from the personal computers of Malik Riaz:



Aftab Sultan, DG IS refuted the information in a short statement saying, “The allegations are baseless and there is no truth in it,”.

Malik Riaz also denied there was any truth in the statements of Khan and in this list. However, a question can be raised on what credibility does Aftab Sultan have that he has been given a second extension by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Or is it a give-and-take deal between the two? Only the question can be raised.

Very much in line with PML-N culture and in fact, the general political culture which has been condemned and strict regulations are present which strictly disallow the use of VIP protocol. Aftab Sultan did not go through the official proper process of getting an ID card made as per NADRA rules, not only did he bypass the procedure but also used his protocol for the advantage of getting the ID card of his brother renewed.

On what basis did the government resources of two institutes, Intelligence Bureau and NADRA, paid for by the common tax-payers of Pakistan used for getting the ID cards of Aftab Iqbal and his brother made after being accompanied by a fleet of protocol? Or will be deny this news too? We can only wait to find out. 

I would also light to bring to light here that NADRA fees for renewing ID cards has been raised to Rs 1,500 in a country where 40 percent of the population lives below or slightly above the poverty line at $1.25 a day and the per capita income per month is $126 which roughly equals Rs, 12,608 in which the person has to get quality health treatments, pay for food, pay rents, education, entertainment, travelling and also pay the taxes. At this rate, the fees only for the renewal of an ID card  is Rs 1,500 per person. This is not even a one time fee- this is for the renewal after every 5 years. Campaigns have been started on social media by people who can not afford this. How does a man who earns  15,000 for example per month, which is a lot of people in Pakistan get ID cards of his and his family made? So can the poor have no identity or even cast the vote? You can view details of even bigger costs here.

Where on one hand NADRA increases its fees for the common man, is the reason to spend on people like Aftab Sultan and his brother for their protocol? What business do four NADRA cars have giving protocol to Aftab Sultan? Awaiting comment by those concerned.