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Pollution level in India, China shocking, says renowned astronaut


Oval: Renowned Astronaut Scott Kelly who has the distinction of spending one year in space has said that level of pollution in India and China is shocking.

He was having a media talk along with President Obama here in the Oval Office of the White House when he said that seeing the places like India and China and the level of pollution in these countries is really quite shocking.

He recollected his thoughts when he was in space and sated that when he saw these two parts of the globe i.e. China & India, it was unclear and unobvious but he added that he spent one year in the space by looking at those two points but he couldn’t get a chance to watch cleanliness.

While talking about China, he added that he watched over 200 cities in eastern part of China with over one million people. It was dusk and he remained unsuccessful to watch them. He quoted those scenes as shocking.

He clapped for Chinese authorities when he heard the Chinese government had announced to turn off all the coal-producing power plants and stop the cars from entering that part of the country for national holiday and then the sky was completely cleared.

Mr Scott Kelly said that this is so understandable how much we are making negative impact on the environment.

Separately, describing him as an American hero, Mr Obama congratulated him for making history and spending one year in space.